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About the St. Callistus Chapel Project

St. Callistus Chapel & Crypts

About the St. Callistus Parish, Garden Grove:

Founded in 1961, the St. Callistus Parish was one of over 60 parishes associated with the Diocese of Orange County. Located in Garden Grove, the St. Callistus Parish was home to a multilingual Catholic community that regularly held masses in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The St. Callistus Parish closed her doors for the last time on Sunday June 30th, 2013. Part of a negotiation between the Diocese of Orange and the Crystal Cathedral ministries. The transition of churches was represented through a procession on Lewis Street where the keys for the St. Callistus Church were exchanged with the keys of what would become the Christ Cathedral. The St. Callistus parish doors closed. The essence of the St. Callistus parishioners would live on.


About the St. Callistus Chapel & Crypts at Christ Cathedral: 

Publicly launched on February 1st, 2023, the St. Callistus Chapel and Crypts Campaign aims to raise support for the new chapel and crypts that will be built in the undercroft of the Christ Cathedral. By engaging the 63 Catholic parishes in Orange County and the over 1.2 million Catholics. The OLLV Foundation (which manages the fundraising and construction for the campaign) is planning to finalize the next phase of the Christ Cathedral Campus. The new chapel and crypts will have seating for 250 people and will become the new final resting place for the bishops of the Diocese. 

St Callistus Chapel_Oval Shrine.jpg

St. Callistus Chapel Construction Updates

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