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Our Mission

Why we build for God

Empowering and transforming lives for God.

The OLLV Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that manages the raising of funds and the project management of building new places of worship on the Christ Cathedral campus in Orange County California.

Our mission is to help create and make available prestigious worship spaces and facilities. These places of worship are designed to help all that visit find a deeper connection with God. We build for our Lord Jesus Christ and his mother Mary in hopes of sharing their glory to the world. 

Our projects include the Our Lady of La Vang Shrine, St. Callistus chapel and crypts, and the Marian Gardens, for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in Orange, Calif.  


The OLLV Foundation is centered on philanthropy for the Roman Catholic communities, helping to sustain and enhance the faith life of all those it serves. The foundation seeks to promote the ideals of the shrine with future sites in its honor.

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