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St. Callistus Chapel & Crypts

Pope St. Callixtus I was the sixteenth pope of the Catholic Church during a difficult time in Church history in terms of Roman rule, doctrinal controversies, and persecution. Pope St. Callixtus had to state the mysteries of the faith in a way that preserved the mercy of Christ while also upholding, amidst great debate, the ideal of conversion and self-discipline. Before becoming Pope, he was a slave in Rome as well as the overseer of a Christian burial ground. It is believed that he was martyred in 223 AD.


The St. Callistus parish could be considered the foundation of the Christ Cathedral. Founded in 1961, the first mass for the St. Callistus parish was celebrated in a roller rink. The history of this parish ran deep and the significance of the start of the parish birthed the nickname “Holy Rollers” for the original worshipers of the parish. 

The St. Callistus Chapel will allow seating for  220 parishioners and will also feature its very own organ. Accompanying the chapel will be a beautiful crypt for the faithful. There will be 80 resting places for our bishops and 1,054 additional niches in the chapel.

St Callistus Chapel_Oval Shrine.jpg
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